Szmejkál Szabolcs

I earned a degree as psychologist, organizational development consultant and supervisor. I have been working as a coach and OD specialist for sixteen years now.

About five years ago, I found the answer to the big question of my adolescent years: I now know exactly what my calling is in this world. I have a harder time putting it into words, and this exact space might not even be the most appropriate platform, but my days are surely spent with the peaceful excitement of this answer ever since.

Nowadays, I am into finding how I can increase the energy necessary for change by personal connection, as this is always the first step. I am inspired by how we can find the topics and points together that need intervention – these are usually not where we first start to look – and how we can rewrite our routines.

I am continuously looking for opportunities for genuine humor: to raise critical issues in a way that it is not shame, but acceptance that is being strengthened within the participants. I believe in genuinity: in a good atmosphere, communicating honestly and simply, paying close attention to each other. Most often we almost naturally find what we were looking for (or something much better).

My leadership challenge: how can I be an influential part of the Neosys community in a way that I am showing direction, forming culture and at the same time also support and strengthen the diversity my colleagues bring to the table.

I spend my days experimenting around these notions, with clients, partners that I learn a lot from, and with whom I love working together with and who all create something special in their own field of work.